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Onboard: for organizations in continuous need of new talent

You have a large number of vacancies with similar candidate profiles? Meet Onboard’s unique concept: a process centred way of working that is focussed on handling large volumes in a short amount of time. Proven to be successful!

The key to this success is the personal contact our recruiters here at Onboard have with both job applicants and clients. We approach the job market through unique portalsites that are directly connected to the 15 largest meta job seeking search engines and recruitment websites. Our three products: Recruitment, Sourcing Center and Interim Recruiters fit the needs of our clients seamlessly and offer a new and constant flow of talent.

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Waar / Niet Waar? "Jonge talenten die in het begin van hun carrière leidinggevende ervaring opdoen,

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Securitas besteedt de recruitment van technisch personeel uit aan Onboard. Vandaag was de kick-off s

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★Heineken powered by Onboard★ Onboard zocht en vond de perfecte manager voor Heineken. Vanaf 1 s

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Vacancy analysis

For each vacant position we conduct an extensive analysis. Shadowing and interviewing the employees, HR and Management gives us a complete vision of the position and the organization. This is the foundation for all recruitment and selection activities. This way we prevent mismatching.

Hightech WhatsApp CRM connections

At the beginning of 2014 we had a world premier: we connected our CRM system to WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Skype, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. No matter how and where a candidate contacts us, we know his/her history. This way the communication with the candidates is even more personalised.

Multi-Channel applying

Applying right away via WhatsApp, SMS, LinkedIn, online, by phone or mail lowers the bar. The response on recruitment campaigns increase by 400%. Personal, fast and fitting in our modern-day society.

What do people have to say about Onboard?

  • I have executed a number of campaigns with Onboard and I have alwys been thoroughly impressed by their creativity, enthusiasm and ability to get stuff done. A good number of high potentials got their start through Onboard.

    Alan Nance

    Vice President Technology at Royal Philips

  • My experiences with Onboard date back to September 2011, when took part in the ING Internship Challenge. They provided ING with a structured and professional method of filtering out suitable interns, of which I was one.

    Max Willemse

    Chief Technology Staff Intern at ING

  • My first experience with Onboard was as a participant of the ING Internship Challenge although I did not even realise it. The program was set up in such a way that in the end the participants regarded the ING as a highly professional and attractive company to work for. It was only later that I found out the large extent in which Onboard assisted ING in achieving this. From a participant perspective it certainly helped me in finding the job I was looking for.

    Berend Jan van Dalfsen

    Business Manager @ING Customer Experience Center (ICEC)

  • During the ING Challenge, a campaign to find and hire the best interns for ING I worked a couple of times with Onboard. Their approach and especially the way they use social media was very effective. I would recommend them to everybody who is looking for a creative partner in getting the best candidates in!

    Angelique Plugge

    Service Development & Innovation manager at ING

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