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Only talented consultants who are adept at combining social media and online recruitment with a thorough selection trajectory are successful in the market. Onboard consultants understand the challenges of this time and contribute to the goals of your organisation.

Onboard invests in her consultants. Venturous and educated recruiters are challenged in our year-long development trajectory, the ‘Onboard Young Talent Program.’ Recruiters learn on the job and conduct different recruitment assignments. With focused coaching, training and intervision, they become result-driven consultants, naturally with Onboard DNA!

The Onboard DNA consists of creativity, a proactive approach and entrepreneurship. We do our best and in so doing, inspire others.

Our consultants always understand Onboard´s knowledge & way of working, systems and methods. They bring cases to their Onboard colleagues and feed your organisation with input. Next to a consultant, you will also gain the expertise of a professional recruitment bureau in-house.

Onboard’s seasoned management is involved in the development and work of Onboard consultants. We give advice, ensure progress and report results.

We are ready to make your company more successful!

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"

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Position Analysis

The basis of our recruitment activities is the position analysis. In-depth interviews with staff, hr and management allows us to get a complete sense of the position and the organisation. This allows us to conduct a thorough investigation and swiftly find the right candidates.

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Social Hunting

Onboard only applies delicate social hunting to candidates who appreciate this and only when the client wants to make a very competitive offer.

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Video-interviews: Applying 2.0

The online video-interview has the speed of a phone call and the impact of a personal conversation. Video-interviews pose great opportunities for Onboard and our clients. We speak to and see more candidates, save travel costs and time. Thanks to video-interviews, we deliver the perfect candidates quicker, better and cheaper!

Onboard Vacancy sites

Our multi-channel recruitment is powered by the Onboard Vacancy site: smart, high-tech sites. These are landing pages for candidates and SEO generators for each campaign. From each Vacancy site, job openings are automatically posted on 14 job sites, online job search engines, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This will allow your vacancies to be brought to the attention of 45.3% of all job searchers in The Netherlands.

The Vacancy site is a part of every recruitment campaign developed by Onboard.

Onboard Sourcing Center

The Onboard Sourcing Center will proactively approach candidates and supports our recruitment campaigns. We combine smart online campaigns with social hunting, outbound calling, referral recruitment, website response follow-up and headhunting.

The Sourcing Center is specialised in phone intakes and video-interviews. Our sourcing team prefers to reach out to candidates outside of working hours. Onboard’s sources distinguish themselves by their sales attitude. For the recruitment of scarce target groups, the Sourcing Center is our most fruitful instrument.  

  • My experiences with Onboard date back to September 2011, when took part in the ING Internship Challenge. They provided ING with a structured and professional method of filtering out suitable interns, of which I was one.

    Max Willemse

    Chief Technology Staff Intern at ING

  • During the ING Challenge, a campaign to find and hire the best interns for ING I worked a couple of times with Onboard. Their approach and especially the way they use social media was very effective. I would recommend them to everybody who is looking for a creative partner in getting the best candidates in!

    Angelique Plugge

    Service Development & Innovation manager at ING

  • I have executed a number of campaigns with Onboard and I have alwys been thoroughly impressed by their creativity, enthusiasm and ability to get stuff done. A good number of high potentials got their start through Onboard.

    Alan Nance

    Vice President Technology at Royal Philips

  • My first experience with Onboard was as a participant of the ING Internship Challenge although I did not even realise it. The program was set up in such a way that in the end the participants regarded the ING as a highly professional and attractive company to work for. It was only later that I found out the large extent in which Onboard assisted ING in achieving this. From a participant perspective it certainly helped me in finding the job I was looking for.

    Berend Jan van Dalfsen

    Business Manager @ING Customer Experience Center (ICEC)

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